snakes and ladders

I went down a tunnel
so dark and dangerous
Searching searching
For Truth
But all I found
were snakes and lies
And a ladder or two
i went further
i could not let darkness take me
further further down
excavating all that had blocked the way
and there,
in the centre,
i found her
the child i had left behind.
i reached out
as she looked toward me
40 years had passed, but she had not aged.
she smiled.
‘I’ve been waiting for you”, she said, and took my hand.


Breaking through to the other side

Tear me open
Let the scalpel dig deep
Break the river’s banks
Let the oceans flow free
Unfreeze me
Awaken me,
Reveal my name
Take me home
Unbroken, untethered
Till I remember
I am the river
I am the ocean
And always will be




Love comes in so many guises
I went home this weekend
Got on a plane Sunday morning
It was Father’s Day
I wanted to surprise my parents
Arrived home to find dad ill
Refusing hospitalization
‘I can’t leave my wife’
My mom, softer gentler
That night I sat on the bed with them
They’ve never been a touchy feely couple
62 years married
I looked up and saw this, two hands intertwined
Two people who’ve spent their lives together
Holding on
I love you mom and dad
Hold on


I swore I wouldn’t be one of those people who put up photos of the people they’ve loved who’ve died

but here I am colour printing a photo of you off Facebook 

And sticking it on my wall in my office

i can exhale 

I feel safer


knowing you’re right here

Watching me

i said I’d never be one of those people who only put up photos after their loved ones died
but here I am doing it,
and understanding why people do this,
why we make temples to the dead.
it makes you feel closer, so much closer and heavens knows how i long for that
love you my baby





Same but different

Yes I get up every morning

Yes I do get dressed,

set good intentions

Get into my car

Sob all the way to work

Yes I do go to work

And smile

And create, and chat, and work overtime

Yes I see my friends

We chat and talk laugh and tease

But it’s different

In a way I can’t explain

The physical ache of you not here

Is a constant reminder of what is gone

That something is missing

A dream

I’m at your graveside

Manically digging to get to your casket

To open it, to see you once more , to hold you

No one knows

Lest they’d think I’m mad

But breathing since you’ve died

Is one if the hardest things to do

In and out

Yes I’m dressing

I’m going to work

But it’s just not the same


I don’t have to be here

I don't have to be here

met friends across the road
trendy new place
tapas bar
but distracted coz all I could see
was the blue roof of your hospital
made quick goodbyes
stepped inside
caught a lift to the 8th floor
looking at the menu at the hospital coffee shop
the things I used to buy you
when you just didn’t feel like hospital food
I didn’t have to be here
but this hospital still remains
the one place I really can feel you in
I miss you and I just want to be close to you
is it weird I’m here
sipping coffee
and feeling closer to you
in this hospital
which you knew so well in your life
not the one you were born in
but the one you died in

I’ll love you forever

Almost there

beyond the Darkness, is the Light. Keep walking, keep writing, you’re almost there…image