listening to my heart as opposed to the cards

Today seemed like the perfect day to start a blog. With deadlines mounting, I needed a distraction, and fast, to satisfy the procrastinator within.

I have been journaling on and off since i could write, which i think was round about the time i was seven or eight. In fact I clearly remember writing my first cursive letter. It was an ‘a” and i remember the immense joy this gave me!

Back to this blog. I immediately went and found my three Angel card packs, and even my Osho tarot cards and decided that I needed some guidance in choosing a name for my blog.

Doing my Angelic and Guru research for a name, i picked this Osho Tarot card and love it.

The card was Courage:

“”There is no point in fighting against life’s challenges, or trying to avoid them or deny them. they are there, and if the seed is to become the flower we must go through them. Be courageous enough to grow into the flower you are meant to be.”

Which was quite synchronistic as Osho’s book of Courage just happened to be the book my cup of green tea was resting on. I knew that what one needs most in this life is Courage – the road is not for the fainthearted. The photo depicted on the card was of a wildflower. i tried that as my blog name. Sorry that name already exists.

On to the angel cards – one of them certainly touched a chord. It was the heart chakra card and how I should listen to my heart because that is where the answer is. I’ve had a bit of difficulty with this in the past, and a number of things had pointed to the fact that my journey today seemed to be a lot on listening to my heart

In any event, wordpress was very kind in rejecting all names I started coming up with. I eventually said to myself: Okay whatever name is the one my heart feels it should be, will be accepted by wordpress. And so here I am writing my Soul Diaries. (yes yes, of course I realise that I totally and completely do not want to take responsibility for anything..I am working on this)

I hope you’ll come on board with me as I explore this thing called life, and the many experiences I am having along the way.

Right now I have to go and meet some deadlines for a battle of words to earn my keep.

But look forward to writing later about some of my adventures this week as I tried to:

1. raise my energetic vibrations through sound at my weekly introduction class with a very wise woman called dora who lives in my village

2. started my 800 000th diet plan

3. broke my vegan pact and made a superb fillet for my ex-lover and myself

4. swore off my ex-lover and then welcomed him into my arms yet again

5.watched as the parts within me battled it out between that which loves me, and which hates me.

6. learnt theĀ  meaning of courage and acceptance from my 19-year-old nephew

Phew it’s been quite a week.

Speak soon. Off to write the words that pay the bills x


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