letter to a friend

Hey Em

Thanks so much for your email

Dora’s workshop is an introduction to stuff like colour therapy, chakras, auras, ascended masters, sound, energetic bodies etc etc it is amazing and am loving it, def feel my energy vibrations lifted after such a class

also doing quite a bit of work with her and a woman called katharine they are such lovely beings and great healers.

am uncovering so many things inside and opening so many doors, so loving this adventure into myself, and at the same time my life is changing so much, old people are leaving my life and new faces are appearing, sometimes everything is going so fast, spinning around, one has to just sit still to centre oneself.

often it feels like a dark forest, so scary, I have been through forests before, and always it is scary, slowly the light is coming in, but sometimes I run back to the outside of the forest to my old way of being in the world where it is familiar. am attempting to break old habits  which get stronger as they sense their time has come to go.

so that is what is happening at the moment.

what is happening on your journey? what is new on the journey? how are things? how is your man? what a brave girl to walk in a relationship, yet I know that a relationship is one of the best learning places for two souls to enter. what a blessed thing Em

I hope you are enjoying it all.

it would be so amazing to meet up for tea and something yum, let me know when you have some time, or even a walk in the forest..


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