Love, pasta and Ascended Masters

Tonight I was part of the most amazing channeling by Dora of Archangel Michael and St Germain. For this I feel both huge honour and respect and much thanks. The two are Ascended Masters. I have heard of Ascended Masters only briefly before but never really looked deeper. Some info on them is available on the web. But my whole life, and with a catholic upbringing, i have been very open to Angels and Saints, so it makes sense to me.

Dora  channelled Archangel Michael first. What i sensed was a very glowing light taking the form of a body but next to the body was another of a woman with her head against the shoulder of the ‘man’ figure. I felt so safe and so warm and grateful to be part of that.

Dora says she has a relationship with the Ascended Masters, which we all can if we desire to, and that while many want to be channeled in an attempt to help us, as it is her body she can choose who will come. Archangel Michael is also the Archangel partly of breaking bonds and ties with that which no longer serves us. Thank you Dora for choosing him as I try to break the bonds with that which no longer serves me in the past (read ex-lover here who is cominmg down to my city this weekend).

Whenever i go to a certain dimension , of which i am not yet sure where it is, somehow a song comes into my head, tonight it was “help me make this a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race”. Just looked the song up on internet. It is a Michael Jackson (another Michael) song, Heal the World…(check it out on you tube

St Germain felt more challenging. I almost felt he was quite authoritative and was calling me to do the work  i am meant to be doing. I definitely felt anxious. Like ‘can I do what I should be doing’. I also saw quite a few people with St Germain. For me I saw better when I closed my eyes, and the Archangel Michael and St Germain both appeared glowing light in certain shapes.

I felt so at peace with Archangel Michael. I also had tears roll down my eyes even though I wasn’t crying and my eyes were burning. I remember my guru in the past, Shaldon used to say that that was perhaps a sign that my energy frequency going up. He said it would stop burning once I got used to the work. Dora always says spiritual muscles need to be exercised. I feel so blessed for Dora, Shaldon and Katherine, amongst many who have helped me on my way in recent years.

I have experienced amazing things tonight and feel truly blessed to have been part of it. I feel so much love for the people i share this with at my Tuesday night class. Katherine was also at the class tonight. I’ve spoken of her before. She is a healer who works at Dora’s place. During meditation I felt so much love energy between us. Felt so blessed to be in the room with so much love and so many people searching for what more there is in this life.

I must say though I was irritated before class, and a bit irritated after, still trying to figure that one out. On way home i joined some friends at a local Italian place for my dearest friend Narch’s birthday. It was while we sat around the table and sang, ‘thank you for the music, the songs you’re singing’ in wild abandonment, that I remembered during our closing sound meditation at dora’s i couldnt access my voice….but there i was at narch’s birthday dinner and  finally my voice was there: …”thank you for the music, for all the love you’re bringing….”

Off to sleep. Night night xx


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