Angels, here, there and everywhere

I’ve always  believed, said my old therapist, that you have something to do on this planet with your journey. the telling of your story,not many people make it past this sort of damage. sometimes the damage just runs too deep, they can’t see beyond it, they can’t find enough of themselves to integrate, to become whole.

I was sitting opposite her today, seven years since I first made my way on the road that would take me to Anita in a desperate broken fragmented state. But today I am sitting in her office doing a crit on her counselling skills for a counselling course I am doing. It has been a very long time since I have seen Anita.

She tells me of some people who have moments of the Light, moments of sanity but then wither down back into the psychosis completely damaged by what life has offered them

“I’ve always had an idea that you were protected somehow,” says Anita. “That somehow there was a greater force with you.” She is saying what I have known. I know by all intents and purpose I shouldn’t be sitting in front of her today. The darkness that had once engulfed me was so black that there had been times that it came close to consuming me .so often the need desperately not to be on this planet anymore had been part of my life. She and I knew, Aniita and me, that that I had made it here was nothing short of a miracle. ”

It was the angels that first guided me to Anita all those years ago. To a woman, herself spiritual and wise, and little does she know but she too played a big part in my survival, holding my hand, helping me to breathe when i couldn’t. Thank you Anita.

I have seen it wiyth my own eyes – There are Angels in another dimension and then there are Angels who walk right here with us.


2 responses to “Angels, here, there and everywhere

  1. Hi again! I’ve just added you! Hope to talk to you soon, too ^_~

    The Angels are wonderful Guides, I’m so thankful to my Guardia Angel to all his help! The Angels are in all dimensions, they help spirits and us here on Earth, too. We’re blessed to have them taking care of us!

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