lights bulbs, periods and blow outs

I walked into the room. Two light bulbs. Bang. Bang. Gone. blown out. My television set (just when i thought I could use it as a good escape). Bang. Blown out.

Conicidence? Perhaps. But apparantly speaking to Dora this is common for eletrical things to blow when the energetic frequency of a person goes higher. mmm. She giggled when I told her, ‘those naughty fairies are at work”., I must say i did find it funny too. That’s the way it is on this path some things are just so crazy to talk about…like naughty fairies. Now i wonder if the good ones will come and fix it all…. 😉

Another thing that happened to me after Earth work yesterday was that I got a light period, which I haven’t had for some time.  According to Dora, as one becomes more centered and ones meriadians run healthier energy, quite often, ones menstrual cycle becomes much more regular and pain/disconfort free.

So it’s all good. Which i knew. But sometimes it is good to get some guidance on this road…i feel a bit more settled than earlier. a bit more guided on this Sacred Path, which we all walk. I guess I am writing this in case anyone else is experiencing this, just so you know it’s not all crazy, it kind of has a formula, but no one really tells us what to expect on the Path, so sometimes the things that happen to us can be real scary.

I also found Denise Le Fey’s blog on Ascension Symptoms very helpful. Maybe it can help you too.

Off to bed and hoping thenaughty fairies have gone to sleep

Thanks for reading this. I hope it was helpful in some way to you



2 responses to “lights bulbs, periods and blow outs

  1. Very interesting your experience! I’ve had some similar.. (naughty fairies – LOL =D).

    Thank you for the link! Denise’s blog is great!

  2. LOL 😉
    Glad you got to Denise’s blog. Stumbled on it yesterday, gave me some relief for sure.
    Happy day ahead, a thick white cloud is rolling over the sea but a baby pink day is clawing its way through.
    blessings your way

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