what will it be like?

So there I was chatting to my Higher Self. It started something off like this.

“I am so pissed off. Why did it (my life) have to be so hard”. The thing with these conversations with my higher self is that I dont always remember them.

SO I don’t know how that question was resolved but it was.

The one thing I do remember is asking: “What will it be like when I am on my true Purpose.”

And this is what HS said:

“You are already on your true purpose. This is exactly what it will be like.”

I had flashes of good days and bad days and also of actually how amazing my life is right now, how it is sometimes sad and sometimes happy,the ups and the downs of life.

You know how we sometimes have this vision how different things will be when we are Enlightened, or living our Purpose? Well in that conversation with HS, this is the strong message I got: “This is IT! All there is is this moment. Don’t lose it living in some illusion of what it is.”

In that moment I got the zen quote by Buddha that I had read so often: “Before Enlightenment chop wood, fetch water. After Enlightenment, chop wood, fetch water.”

This is it! Drink it in. All we really have is this moment.

Somehow the anxiety that had possessed me the few days before seem so silly. This is it. I have everything I need.Somehow life seems more like a dance instead of such hard work.

This is saturday morning, baby pink and blue hues are breaking through white clouds over a still see, and as night becomes a distant memory, a new day is breaking through.

Have a good one!


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