Romancing a pineapple

I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog over the passed week because I have been miserable. So darn miserable that I didn’t want to write. Of course writing is one of the ways I get out of my misery but I really just wanted to wallow in hell. Don’t ask me why.

By Wednesday, all my lamenting and regret got so bad that I had no choice but to question why I wanted t be in so much pain. So I went soul searching. I get so lost sometimes it is hard to find Home again.

A few things I learnt is that at any moment I have the choice to be in Heaven or in Hell. For one, I had slacked on all the disciplines that make me feel better – exercise, eating right, a good night’s sleep, writing my daily pages (Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way thank you), and remembering to romance the ordinary (Romancing the Ordinary, Sarah Ban-Breathnach thank you).

So I have started to drag myself out of the pity party of  “o woe is me” and have started to do the things that make my life a song. Spinning classes, yes, eating healthily, yes, a good night’s sleep, yes, and writing, yes, yes, yes.

And of course…romancing the ordinary. As i sat deciding what to have for breakfast this morning I caught the sugary sweet aroma of some pineapples I had bought at a local market. The smell caught my attention. There she was. The ordinary extraordinary pineapple. Her crown chakra an explosion of green, her entire body guarded by a prickly thorny substance…and yet that sweet aroma, it told me of a magic that lay beneath the hard exterior…I had to have her. Juicy, tart, bright, yellow, aromatic, lovely pineapple….

Pineapple YUM the sweet smell explodes in my kitchen

and continues into my dining room. aah how i love the sight and smell of pineapples. i sometimes stack them up like an arrangement instead of flowers.

Juicy and tart

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2 responses to “Romancing a pineapple

  1. You’re just silly!

  2. hahaha leslie admit for a minute there you fell in love with the pineapple…even if you knew she was going to leave you with a sore palette 😉

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