Things that made me happy

It’s been a tumultuous few days (more 0n that later)

but a few things made me happy, like taking a drive back from Gordon’s Bay via this Cape Town landmark

famous 'because it is SO good' roadhouse

 Yip, you got it. It’s Wembley Roadhouse in Rylands, Athlone. The first time I visited it I was young (about 15 years ago) dressed in a sexy mini and we were on our way to Galaxy nightclub (it is the oldest nightclub in Cape Town). Galaxy I am glad to hear, is still going, but I am too old for it – fortunately I am right on target for Wembley.

where the orders get placed

so what is so unique about Wembley…well it is typical Malay food for one. You’ll get the best briyanis here (and the portions are huge), chilli bites (an explosion of chilli dough, the size of your palm), salomis (you gotta try – filling of your choice in a roti-type cover), samoosas, masala chips (hot and tasty) and of course a falooda (what, you ask is that…a heavenly sweet drink with pieces of pink vermicilli and sugar in it…words cannot explain). Best advice from a lightie (young man) as we were going to get a coke to share “you can have a coke anytime, but not a falooda”.

Wembley happens to be another of those places that many Capetonians don’t even know exists…because they’ve never ventured to Athlone!! 

Definitely one for those days where you need a “regmaker” (fix-me-upper) and it would definitely have to be  a cheat day for dieters.

And in other news that made me happy:

earth work with Dora (the explorer)

There were almost 70 of us who traversed boulders, rocky climbs and caves to make it to this spot (see above) to be part of earth healing work that Dora does.

boulders at earth healing

The Atlantic ocean caressed the boulders and caves as we chanted to mother Earth. I had a nightmare after, about the sea being dead. I asked Dora what I could do to help the Earth? She said: You have to start with yourself. We all have to first start healing ourselves …

So I went home and repotted my little lemon tree, she is much happier now.

my lil lemon tree's head smiles into the sun

and then i bought some flowers in colours of sunset orange and butter yellow to pay tribute to my lil angel. it made me smile so much

my angel comes to life in colour

From sublime colours in my home, to a roadhouse in Rylands, to earth healing in Llandudno, to a walk in Gordon’s Bay, i counted my blessings and they were more than that which troubled me. and for that i am doubly grateful.


11 responses to “Things that made me happy

  1. Ohh, thanks for sharing the food secrets – will have to check out the malay place!

    • Hey Di…you have to have a big explosive chilli bite in one hand and a falooda in another, the heat of the chilli bite, offset with the cold and sweet falooda, a moment to treasure. it is sublime.
      i have forgotten street names now, but will send you details of how to get there as soon as i remember. and Thank you so much for popping in and commenting ; ) xx

  2. 🙂

    So i just asked my bf about going there – he says its a ‘bad area’. He’s a returning SAer from Canada who hasn’t lived here for 16 years…i think this is residual fear. Is it really a bad area?? I sense it isn’t…

  3. i don’t know, it is what all my friends said to me whenever I asked them to take me there. But lucky I had a joburg friend here on sun who used to live in the area many years ago, so twisted his arm (not very hard) to take me there. Everyone was so friendly and I was the only whitey there and felt really welcomed, people were giving me tips of the best bakery in area (wembley has a bakery around the corner with delightful caramel covered banana pie amongst other things) and suggesting stuff off the menu…….i dunno, i get what your bf says, but then that is the great experience i had…

  4. seeing as you and i like to ignore the warnings of others, i think i really want to go there now! 🙂 if you love it, i know i will too…hmm…must make a plan. 🙂

  5. hahaha of di, your bf is gonna growl at me. it may sound silly , but my experience of cape town would have been far poorer and less diverse if not for wembley and , in my younger days, galaxy…i have an old comrade and dear friend hretruning to cape town end of the month, he introduced me to the places,and i am sure he would be happy to take you there – just an idea 😉 …

  6. ps, it is a falooda not a fajool 😉 sleep tight

  7. Im excited to try this spot, you are so going to have to take me

  8. it’s a date sammy x
    and thanks for stopping by xx

  9. The plants near the angel are Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, native to Madagascar.

    Very Pretty:)

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