when procrastination wins

met alison at the gym

did some weights

it was a laugh

then met darren as i walked out

hadn’t seen him in years

then met alex who sells brazilian bathing suits

chat chat chat

then came to town (showered at gym)

went to vida for a coffee

did some work

met a guy i used to work with

we caught up

then came to this free wi-fi spot

had lunch and working

saw justin and flavia, talk, talk, talk

chatting to sweet young recruit next to me

he has just moved to cape town

ex lover and i are having gmail chat

TIME: 2pm



GAME, SET AND MATCH: Procrastination


2 responses to “when procrastination wins

  1. di i promise i’m not laughing and so happy anymore , hehehehe
    one word” deadlines fliiiiiiiip! 😉
    gonna whip procrastinatios ass tonyt….
    in a minute, after i’ve replied to this 😉

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