My abnormal normal Love

Last year I married, had two children and got divorced. This all happened in Skype. I loved my Skype husband dearly, we even bought a cute Skype home which we digitally enhanced as we got richer

our cute home in skype in autumnand our two Skype children Rainbow-Rose and Star were just sensational really.a snapshot of our skype kids


Rainbow-Rose and Star, our kids

We even had a wedding and I did my first waltz with my laptop, twirling around in my study.
Right now I seem to be falling in love with my on-again/off-again Facebook husband.

The thing is all these great loves are virtual (you noticed eh?). In cyberworld. And the level of bliss is immeasurable. Just as pleasurable as it is to have my real-life ex-boyfriend tell me he is falling back in love with me via g-mail chat (would that make him my g-mail husband?).

Of course, I don’t have to watch these men eat a meal in front of me, I don’t have to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night to find they’d left the seat up, or slip on the wet towel they left on the floor, and I never have to be subjected to saturday afternoon sport .

But then of course, I don’t get too many of those real life hugs either.

penguins are on the endangered list, but even they get real-life kisses

I have two husbands rights now, and one ex husband (the only one in a different times zone…it was killing me), and they all live inside this cute little computer I use.

The common theme of course in the last few years ever since my big major X is that all these men are unavailable.

Do you ever find yourself attracted to men you know will never be more than virtual…because it feels safe?

Or am  I really the only screwed up  person in this world?

And will I ever allow myself to fall in love In the Real World (IRL) ever again

Just some questions I am pondering at 2am….

I guess i shouldn’t have had that last cup of coffee

coffee heart has kept me up pondering love

Ah my abnormal normal love…it feels so real, most of the time


10 responses to “My abnormal normal Love

  1. 🙂 I get the falling for people who are not ‘available’, but not in a cyberspace way. For me it was men who were unable to go deeper – afraid of intimacy and personal growth. By them being stuck, I was also enabling myself to remain stuck too…funny how we sabotage our own evolution! Anyhow, make a decision. Decide to only allow that little girl inside to fall in love with men who can love her the way she needs to be loved. If you can’t make boundaries for yourself, make them for your little one…worked like a charm for me – a few months after my D-Day (decision day!) I met the most amazing man. He brought me to SA, and I can’t imagine life without him. My little inner girl is now safe and vibrant and able to develop – I just had to decide to make better choices for her!!

  2. funny how we can be our own worst enemy.
    but in many ways i needed these years to go inside, to excavate the pain and look deep into myself. i am so thankful to my cyberhusbands who gave me tastes of love as i walked the once-barren landscape of my life until i found now that which is so beautiful. that is how i needed to be loved then..but now? perhaps it is different.
    sometimes i think i decided a long time ago to do it on my own this time….and yet a part of me wonders…is it fear from all the loss or is it choice that keeps me here on my own?
    tks di for your wise words, it is good that your inner child is dancing, happy happy thursday xxxxx

  3. ps. hehehehe cyberhusbands, completely silly but you know what i mean 🙂

  4. i do!
    I had to spend a lot of time in the trenches too…i did have a real husband once, and it took 9 years to work through it…i needed that pain too, i’m grateful for it and wouldnt change it for the world. but then, about a year and a half ago, i knew i didn’t need it anymore. i had excavated enough. i was so tired from digging – it was making me depressed. so then i decided to climb back out. you will too!

  5. i think i am going through the phase where you are out the trenches, seeing the light, rubbing your eyes, seeing you are on your own, and realising it’s okay…
    i am off to get the firewood, and perhaps this time i won’t need the cybermen to hold my hand…..eeeek 🙂 xxx

  6. ok ok ok i hope i will be brave one day to take that chance on love again, there i said it. flip this feels like a Love Anonymous meeting

  7. 🙂 even if you don’t want to take a chance right now, you can simply know in your heart that if you ever do feel inclined to indulge in firewood-carrying beasts again, you will make a healthy choice. that’s it!
    long live LA!

  8. long live LA (said in a whimpery voice 😉

  9. Cyber love? Just keep the fine line clear all the time…. many have it totally confused:D

    As for me, I’ve been stuck to my real-life hubby for too long, perhaps it is the time to look for another one on the cyber-world. LOL……..

    Seriously, I’ve been married for more than 26 years to the same man, and a lot of times I feel totally jealous to see my friends who are single. If you’ve done it and been there before and now you are alone, enjoy the freedom:)

    Anyway, a nice writing …. also love the cuppa (cappuccino) !!

  10. aaah Lois, thanks so much for coming to visit, and for you kind words on my writing.
    i had a good giigle at what you wrote, my married friends tell me that all the time.
    And as one woman to another let me tell you enjoy the real-life love, cyber is not all it is made out to be 🙂
    My FaceBook man is on a road trip to me at the moment, he should get here in about a week. i can’t tell you the pure and utter anxiety and excitement i am feeling all at the same time…
    but i suspect my single days are here to stay for a while still, the thing is one gets very comfortable and used to them…
    and ps. congrats ..26 years is quite a thing!!

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