15 minutes with a man i once loved

he picked me up in a taxi outside a five-star hotel. i’d just walked 45 minutes from the greenpoint stadium to the hotel after watching Uruguay and France play in the Soccer World Cup. he was in town for the weekend covering the sport. he had a new girlfriend now, he said. Was living with her. But it didn’t work for him, not really, to be faithful. He couldn’t do it.he couldn’t do it when we were together either. I remembered.

we sat in the backseat of the taxi. like two lovers. he lent across and kissed me. passionately. i saw the taxi driver’s eyes flash toward us in the rearview mirror. The driver pulled up outside my destination.

“thanks for sharing your cab with me,” i say to my backseat companion. he holds my hand for a moment too long. a wave of love and memory floods me. I pull my hand away. lean forward, and kiss him on his forehead. “can I…” he starts. I place my finger on his lips. “shhh.”

I walk away from him, toward my front door. I dare not look back. i place the key in my front door. i will not look back. i open my front door.i walk into my home.  i reach to close the front door. in the distance, from the corner of my eye, i see the glimmering headlights of the cab making its way out of my life.

A long moment passes before i close the door and walk into my new life.


2 responses to “15 minutes with a man i once loved

  1. i admire you for the courage to walk away.

  2. he caught me at a strong moment in time

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