a soccer blur

My camera gave up on me a week ago, a few days before the world cup soccer hit our shores. i have felt  like i have my arms tied up, unable to capture the beauty around me. it was just a small aim and shoot camera but i was having so much fun with it. it’s in for repairs, the prognosis not looking good. so when we ventured off to experience Cape Town on Friday night, the first night of the Fifa World Cup Soccer, i was without lens.

Luckily my friend Stephanie Loy was armed and ready… even though, as the day progressed, the shots got blurrier.

steph with her ticket in front of stadium..grnated i took it and it is a bit blurry

The walk to the stadium was amazing. we watched the first game (mexico versus our boys Bafana Bafana) at Fireman’s Arms, a pub in town, and I normally would never go there but that’s where it was being watched. Below is us captured on camera for a local Afrikaans newspaper


the walk to the stadium (where wentto watch Uruguay play France) from Fireman’s Arms took us about 45 minutes. There was much to distract us on the way. Artistes on stilts, Cape minstrels dancing and singing, banjo in hand, stacks of stalls along the way such as the vetkoek (pie) paleis (palace), malay food, kosher food, halaal food, south african food, hotdogs, burgers, it was a street food carnival.

carnival blur of fun - the road to the stadium

everyone was so festive. i bumped into so many people I knew or I had walked past in my life in Cape Town. That night they greeted me like I was an old friend. Something about the soccer and the excitement that gets people out of their shell. makes us realise we are all one really.

i actually did know these gals really well

couldn’t really even be writing this if not for this woman….(she insisted she be in my blog in lieu of the cost of the tickets…really)

very famous local lass who organised us the tickets to the staium...blowing her vuvuzela

cafes, bars and restaurants were open to all hours, the atmosphere was palpable. the game, however, sadly, dead boring – a draw between Uruguay and France

the players line up, they were very far away from us

A highlight of the game however was when Thierry Henry made it on to the field…he’d been on the bench for most of the first half. He was number 12

this is as close as we got to henry...sad, really sad

the poor man, not only got put on the bench for most of the game but also had some bad luck with his boots. you can read about it here henry\’s shoes

finally when all the fans had left it was only us at the stadium

i like this pic of me because i look a bit thinner than usual

at the stadium

I think the biggest mind blow for me was actually being at the stadium. I had been at the turning of the soil, when the building of it first started, March 20, 2007, and had visited it during the build over the years, It was hard to comprehend really that this was the same place I had stood at a little over three years ago.

Well done everyone, and to the many men and women who built it, thank you. (i have such a memory of Sepp Blatter, president of Ffia once visiting the stadium half way through completion and all the workers started singing to him in Xhosa. It sounded so festive and alive, they were even dancing. But in reality they were actually singing that they are badly paid, exploited  and wanted more money. Of course Blatter  didn’t understand a word of the AFrican song, and kept on smiling and doing a jig to their song and even gave them the thumbs up..

ag, i love you Africa


10 responses to “a soccer blur

  1. ooh, you gave me goosebumps! I felt like I was right there with you 🙂

    I’m heading over to the street party tonight, and will go to a game on June 24th to cheer on Cameroon. I’m lucky enough to live beside the stadium (well, my eardrums are unlucky, but the rest of me is ok) so I don’t have to walk far.

    SA is fantastic and I feel so happy to be here, sharing this experience with you and everyone else here who has such amazing spirit!

    ps. the camera thing sucks….I’d feel naked without mine too.

  2. Hey you, thanks.
    enjoy every minute of it. It really is an amazing experience.
    PS. I am So glad you are here and part of it all.

  3. Egads! Could have been me going with you to the game instead of Monkey… Anyhoo – I DIDN’T know you had a blog?!! Lovely… Looking forward to exploring xxxx

    • oooo koek!!! now that you found it, i may have to edit out some of the more truly bizarre posts 😉 hugs robs, glad you are here!!!! monkey was very good to me, held my hand the whole time…would you have been that good mmmm 😉

  4. Vuvuzela! Now we know where the noise came from LOL…It sounds like a million of bees or bowflies buzzing………..Ha…

    Bad, bad Socceroos.. defeated by German (0 – 4) , and on top of it we also got red ticket…what a shame. Many Aussies are very dissapointed.

    Good that you had a good time:)

    • Hi Lois, sorry about your team – there have certainly been quite a few disappointments score-wise at the WCup so far.
      as for the vuvuzelas – the only reason i am up so early is because one of those things ….a man who lives in a house across from me, saunters semi naked on to his balcony at crack of dawn EVERY day to blow this vuvuzela. even the fact that he has a nice naked chest is beginning to wear a bit thin 🙂
      must say we are having such a good vibe here with the World Cup.
      ps thanks so much for visiting, love to all the Aussies 🙂

  5. I must confess to not being a big fan of soccer, however I’ll never forget being in a pub in Temple Bar Ireland a few years ago when the WCup came on the musicians stopped playing and the TV’s were tuned into Argentina vs. England. The entire pub rooted madly for Argentina. I found that interesting. Great photo of you by the way 🙂 cheers! I must get to Africa someday. Putting it on the bucket list. K

  6. definite bucket list material…i remember some artist once saying africa will get into your blood like malaria, once it is in, it is there for life…i wasnt sure the analogy was that great 😉 but i def got what he was trying to say…it gets into your system for sure… but then again i may be biased…
    ps. thanks so much for popping past, coming to say hi and re pic. i thought, prompted by you earlier saying you couldnt find my name on blog, i needed to put my face and name to the words 🙂
    see you soon!

  7. Keep blogging and living life! We only get one shot at it so suck the marrow out of everything you are passionate about. I can feel your energy and enthusiasm for life. K

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