I miss my camera (Cape Town scenes)

in the waters at Hout Bay

My small aim and shoot camera is ill. in fact she can’t open her eyes for me to be able to capture some of the beauty and excitement around me. and, apparently, she is unfixable. Heartsore, I’ve been looking back at some  memories she captured in her ‘hey days’. It’s odd because I consider myself a writer, so was amazed to see how much time I had actually spent taking photographs. They’re wonderful memories really, captured in each shot. Here are some pix depicting scenes of Cape Town.
Above is a small village called Hout Bay. The pic was taken one day midweek when a dear friend Franci, also a writer and artist, and I went on a photography excursion there – he with his smart camera and me with my little ‘a and s’. It was a cloudy day, and if remember correctly we had our umbrellas with us. It was such fun ambling over rocks and exploring pathways we hadn’t seen before. He also bought something called ‘bokkoms’ – it is fish left out to dry, i cant say i will ever eat it again.

camps bay beach with Lion’s Head mountain in its sites

 This shot above was taken during an early morning walk on the beach near my home. It’s beachtime for dogs as you can see with the couple to the left and their poodles. Lion’s Head, the mountain said to resemble the animal, is in front. When the mist covers Lion’s head you know a cold front has arrived or is coming. Lion’s Head also has a great walk to its top. There are full moon walks up the path. You have to be relatively fit as it is quite uphill, and at a certain point you basically have to climb via chains to get to the very top….but the ultimate prize is the view from up there.

Below is a sunset pic of the sea at Paternoster, a far point on the West Coast. My dear friend Brenda and I had packed her car, and all our creative gods and goods, for a weekend of tapping into our creativity, and a spot of healing. We arrived at our magic little home for the weekend, kitted out with paints, books, our cameras and pens. One of the first things we did was go for a walk on the beach with our cameras, to capture some of the beauty around us. For some unknown reason i think we were both going through some or other heartbreak. We’re not anymore – we’re all right now.
Paternoster beach, sunset

flowers in spring on the West Coast

In September the flowers start blossoming on the West Coast. This pic was taken after the September bed of flowers had already been made, so not nearly half as many flowers as there usually are.
My friend Graeme, his dad Hymie and I took the drive out on this day. It was in the middle of the week. Hymie had cancer and treatmennt hadn’t worked. He wanted to go and see the flowers, so we all packed into Graeme’s four wheeler and drove down the West Coast.
We stopped at a small town called Yzerfontein on the way and had a small meal. I remember Hymie insisted on paying for it. Later we started seeing the flowers. We got out of the car and Hymie, who earlier had been telling us of atrocities he and his family lived through in the concentration camps in the Second World War, put his hands up and smiled: “such beauty, such beauty”, he said. Later that day I passed him a small notebook I always used to ask people I did things with to write in. He wrote: “Viv, don’t forget me, Hymie”. I haven’t, Hymie. I hope you are resting happily in a field of flowers wherever you are in Heaven xx



14 responses to “I miss my camera (Cape Town scenes)

  1. You simply must get a new camera! Our photographs are like little visual memories and they all have stories behind them. You have a good eye – love the flower photo especially. Photography can be so therapeutic. I must admit I get depressed if I don’t make photographs for any lenght of time. Here is a great little camera for under $100. I love Canon’s. Wouldn’t shoot with anything else.


  2. Hey you, long time. Thanks so much for this, i just went to look at it and love it. Have sent details to my friend who is very adept at buying online and i hope that i will have this one soon, she looks beautiful and almost affordable. i didn’t realise how much i actually used my camera until i started going through my pix. – not so much as artistic tool but as a record of life, they are amazing way to capture snippets of time on this earth.
    i love your pix so much. they are so inspiring (actually they are very inspiring for my writing – so thanks for that). i love your post on looking at things creatively, esp the tree photo there. it’s stayed in my head.
    i do feel quite lost without my ‘aim and shoot’.
    will keep you posted on the canon…i can feel it coming my way 🙂 x

  3. Thanks for the compliment about my photographs. I have been teaching photography at a college for almost 30 years and was a military photographer before that so have been shooting a long time. Now…if pink is more your color try this…a bit more but slightly better camera. Good luck and hope you can get a new camera. If you do start taking photos soon I want you to send me some and I will feature on the Keo Blog.


  4. oh my she is a beauty!! love love her , she is soooo pretty. there is a camera shop close to me i have been told with the likes of these two canons so off to go do a touch and feel exercise next week. okay you have def inspired me to acquire a new cam. cant wait to shoot some pix for you, thank you so much, feel very excited. of course you could always use them in a post of How Not to Take Photographs hehehe xx

  5. If you have a birthday coming up in the next 10 or 12 months let me know and then send me your address (post to KeoBlog or my e-mail) and maybe I can have it sent to you for a birthday present 🙂 All artists and writers need a camera to document and record that crazy thing we call life that swirls around us. I mean it! K

  6. aaah keo u r a special man tis true. by my birthday next year i will def have one of these canons that’s for sure, i’ve made up my mind. but that there is someone so kind out there, well it made me realise how lucky and blessed i am, thank you sooooo very very much for just being here xxxx

  7. We are all on this crazy journey through life together fellow traveler. Just reaching across the blogosphere to lend a helping hand. I look forward to seeing new pictures my creative friend. K

  8. Check out my latest podcast! It was fun making it today! Thanks for stopping by the KeO BloG 🙂


  9. South Africa is an amazing place (only saw it on TV) and I love your plants there. I have quite a few collections like for example: Elephant bush, Crassula ovata (Jade), Euphorbia Obesa (Klipnoors), Euphorbia anoplia, Mesembryanthemums (pig face), African daisy, Clivia etc. All grow very well here in Australia.

    Btw, I have installed the subscription widget and I have also added you to my blogrolls so that I can find you easily.


  10. Thanks Lois, Look forward to keeping in contact. BTW I don’t know many of the SA flowers you talk of so am going to go on a bit of an exploration. i have some flowers on my balcony but i cant say i know what they are. they are in my post ‘things that made me happy’. if you know what they are i would really appreciste some feedback. thanks a mil xxxx
    Re SA it has bene quite a surreal month here indeed. Last game tonight…who are you backing for the win? and pps. have you got used to the vuvuzelas yet hehehe x

    • I was backing Spain to win AND…. Viva Espagna!

      You see my husband went for the Dutch and we had a bet. Ha! this time he lost:)

      I think vuvuzelas are strange. If I hear only one of them it sounds just like a toy trumpet. But hundreds or thousands of them played together, they sound like angry hornets. Ha…

      About your plants Kalanchoe, I have the same one but with red flowers.I love kalanchoes, there are so many varieties and look different to each other. Very good plant for dry and poor soil. Perhaps one day I will write about the varieties that I have:)

  11. i tell you Lois it has been one heck of a World Cup. What a month of good energy, must say you can almost feel things changing and going back to normal here, very palpable. i def think we are going to have a WC hangover (sadness) to follow such bliss. Glad you won the bet. I was undecided who to support, but Paul the Octopus backed spain and he hadnt been wrong so far (did you hear of paul the oracle hehehe).
    Yes please write about the Kalanchoe if you get a chance. They are surviving me, which means they are hardy little fellows, i dont have green fingers but i am trying to …
    Happy Monday

  12. Hi! Sorry, I’ve kindda disappeared (*laughs*). How are you doing? I hope well =)

    Great post, beautiful pictures!

    Love xxx

  13. May!! you have been missed around here. I hope you are better? Thanks for your kind words, and welcome back, am very very glad xxxx

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