Sacred Space

one of my sacred spots, pic taken with my cellphone (as an excuse)


This is where I come to, to gather my strength, to reconnect with my true essence. I walk through caves and over boulders and between rocks, amid bright purple flowers and scattered yellow ones to find this spot where the ocean hits against the rocks, and I can feel my soul exhale. This is where I come to, to rejuvenate my etheric and physical bodies. The place I escape to when I’ve been holding my breath in for so long I begin to think it is normal. And it is here where I find my higher self, my god, and remember what my sacred path is. I was here on Sunday. And for a while I remembered what really does count. For a while I could let everything just settle into the puzzle, and for a while, all that had been weighing me down, mattered less. i exhaled, and it felt good.


15 responses to “Sacred Space

  1. I think I’ve seen that mountain in the other pics you posted the other day……Is it the Lion Head? It looks so beautiful and serene.

    • Hi Lois. This is another mountain (cape town is full of mountains 😉 it is about 20 minutes from Lion’s Head, and just shortly after the range we call the 12 Apostles. xx

  2. I love this picture! It is a beautiful place…

    Where is it?

    • Thanks so much. it is in Cape town, South Africa. It is a small hike after one of the beaches along the coast, definitely a place to exhale. (ps thanks for the visit)

  3. You’re welcome! I wish I had a place like this where I could reconnect with myself, and feel at peace. Someday, when I visit S.A I will definitely be looking for these caves!

  4. everyone needs that “special place” to just “be” and get back in touch with one self. It’s so easy to get sucked into the chaos and madness of daily life and we forget to take that deep breath and remember what is really important. Sometimes we just have to “let go” and give it all to that higher power. Peace be with you. K

    • thanks so much, to you too. the weather at the moment is perfect in cape town sunshine in the rainy season, so making good use of it for visits to the spot. hope all good your side x

  5. all good! Leave for Ireland to teach an art/photo workshop next week.

    Just a few days left of the summer semester and then as they say…”imoutahere” 🙂

  6. Oh that place looks like heaven! 🙂
    I think we all need a place like that one- a ‘sacred place’ to connect with out essence and regain out strength.

    • thanks for coming past Lua,
      that spot def feels like heaven, or at least i feel close to heaven there, for sure 🙂
      hope you’ve also got a space to rejuvenate

  7. Hey my friend
    Such beautiful true words, doing such good! Carry on…

  8. Viv, love your ‘sacred space’ – so happy I stopped over. Living in the flat-lands of Dublin, Ohio and do not have a place like this now. Used to, when I lived in California – the Western Coast out there is spectacular. But I do have pix and used to paint a bit as well.

    Having enjoyed our visit around that campfire, had the urge to pop over and see what’s up. It is glorious to see the life force streaming so beautifully, fully tasting the riches placed before you, then whispering to the Moon and stars as you digest and assimilate . . . sharing the echoes with your friends. You go girl. . .
    . . be happy little sister. . . . . Jan

  9. Darling Jan, I feel so very honoured that you’ve come to share around this campfire. Thank you SO much for your encouragement and your beautiful words. I’m writing as fast as I can 🙂
    With much love, Viv xxx
    ps. would love to see some of your pix and paintings xxx

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