channeling sweet fragrant bliss

A Room Full of Jasmin,
intoxicated by love,
i lie here in bliss,
for what is
and what is still to come,
the scent lulling me to sleep…..
(my toes peeking out as i lie on my crumpled bed sheets. )
(pic copyrighted to and taken by my dearest friend and highly talented photopgrapher campbell mitchell, whose work can also be seen on flickr)

12 responses to “channeling sweet fragrant bliss

  1. Such a passionate image…and one quite beautiful.

  2. I love how the mood you created is peaceful and intense all at the same time! And great picture πŸ™‚

  3. thank you both so very much,
    i felt so happy and intoxicated by the possibility of all that life has to offer and also so at peace in my room full of jasmin..
    the photo is one of my favourites .. campbell has a truly wonderful ability of seeing an unexpected moment …

  4. here it is again. I have just commented in Ames’ blog in here and mentioned how God keeps popping up this early today. And now i see your pretty feet after admiring her own feet photo πŸ™‚ Yesterday I heard of God’s double call — Abraham, Abraham; Martha , Martha. Earlier, it’s Moore ( ) and Martin’s (that awesome guy above who first commented on this post) God’s very very big hands. And now it’s feet, feet. I may confuse you so just take it this way, i’m happy to see your feet πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks Soul Diaries – Your poem was the inspiration for “Love’s Quest”

  6. Mmmm, loving the interpretation of jasmine xxx

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