unleashing the beautiful beast

as much as i try to live an insular, normal, mono-type life, i can’t hold down this wild passionate beast inside of me that wants to create, splash paint on a wall, do backflips, kiss, dance, laugh too loudly and write, write, write

I’m not talking about dangerous, unbridled wild craziness, I’ve been there already, instead I am talking about being the BIG me, not the little one, not the me who plays small, who holds back and in fear creates little dramas to occupy myself away from this passion life

I’m talking about:

the me who knows which boundaries others may or may not cross but also ultimately knows that everyone is just my mirror, a chance to go deeper into me

the me who says I am worthy, I am good enough. I am more than what the eye can see, the ear can hear

The beast within wants to be the creator from beauty and abundance in her life, not the one that is creating from stagnant and anxious feelings, full of what if’s

The beast is calling within…..

She says: “I want to be the me I was born to be, not the one life has chiseled me to be”

She is sreaming and fighting to come out, she needs to set free

To breathe

To be ALL she was meant to be

“I want to do moon flips,” she whispers to me at night, “and somersaults and drink hot chocolate made from real chocolate melted down

“And have pretty flowers next to my bed

“And walk the skies at night amongst the stars, and splash neon green on my walls”

“I want to watch,” she chides me, “as my energy melts into the energy of my bed, the road, the sky and know that we are all one”

“Let me spread silver light from my heart,” she begs me, “so that it is open to give and to receive”

“I want you to remember,” she says when she wakes me up at 3am, “that you are the cosmos, the earth, the sky, the trees, the heart of man just like we all are

“That you are more than flesh and bones but that you are that too”

She sleeps, sometimes this beast, and just as I think I can rest in a simple small life, she comes back

“Remember the sacred path for which you were born

To write, to love, to dance, to teach, to embrace

To be a light unto myself and unto those on dark stormy paths”

And ultimately, when it gets too hard to hold her in any longer,

I have to let the beast out

let her express

And ultimately

be ALL she is…



6 responses to “unleashing the beautiful beast

  1. double *yay* ;-))
    maybe you can bring this beast to coffee next week – i’d LOVE to meet her and take her out on the town xo

    • haha di, never know when she is gonna come out to play, would love to so much, sent you an email and i hope to see you this week for either cof (which i have given up ‘just for today’) or kundalini yoga yessss xxx 🙂

  2. set it free and hear it roar in victory 🙂

  3. I like this.

    i wonder why we try to live an insular normal life ????

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