making a new friend in a strange place

he shakes his head

‘no, you go first,’ he says

I become flustered

searching for my atm card

would I make him wait

he edges toward the machine

‘ah, here it is,’ I say

half-relieved and not meaning him to hear..

he steps away and nudges me ahead

I draw some cash and almost balk at my balance




is that for real..

‘having a bad day?’ he asks

‘no. not really

just observing it all,’ I say

he smiles and moves forward

to the machine

I’ve just been at

this could very well be

the end

but …

in reality

it is just

the beginning


9 responses to “making a new friend in a strange place

  1. Lovely poem- the ending made me smile! 🙂

  2. thank you Lua, i am so glad for the smile 🙂
    one day i will attemot to write beautiful fiction like you do x

  3. Aww. Cute beginning of a wonderful friend and relationship! 🙂

  4. in my head, that strange little place, i put together whirlwind of emotion and the name rayn. i am defragmenting that thought right now, forgive me please… 🙂
    i often look at significant relationships in my life and then trace them back t0 that moment that turned them from insignificant to significant…sometimes we never know which are the moments that count…but maybe they all do…
    i’m glad to see you have posted on your blog again, i love the emotion you write with x

  5. Exactly… That was the beginning of one of my posts, and it seems appropriate here again…

    It’s funny how life comes about to bring two people closer at a certain moment in time, when they could have met a lot earlier, or later and had a complete different set of experiences together, or not met at all. Yet random choices and circumstances led them to meet at this particular moment and no other, marking the beginning of something dynamic, something different, something exciting, memories of which they would take with them wherever they went for as long as they lived.

    Thank you, and I enjoy your lovely snippets as well as wonderful perceptions on life. 🙂

  6. Ah – chance encounters – or ARE they chance encounters? 😉 Regardless, such meetings always lift the soul. Thanks for the fun post xx

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