it’s all about mememe

when you hit your head against a brick wall,

it is you who walks away in pain.

the wall remains unchanged.

all that energy expended thinking the wall would feel your pain,

and it felt nothing.

and, finally, you come to realise

that all your madness has always just been

a way to communicate your pain

to yourself

and not to the wall

pink floyd – another brick in the wall


9 responses to “it’s all about mememe

  1. What a clever what to express that particular revelation of self-awareness…quite poignant.

  2. Just another brick in the wall that makes us STRONGER!!!! Just have to work through it no matter how much it hurts – A Href=””>The WallBust through it! K

  3. messed up my html sorry – The Wall

  4. btw… are LoVeD by ManY . K

  5. This is great – I’ve never thought of that expression in that way…and yet it’s perfect! 😀 People spend their lives trying to “escape” from things …and yet they are just trying to escape from themselves…kind of similar to what your poem expresses.

    Chloe xx

  6. Dear Chloe so glad you found my blog because that means i have now found yours – it is a gift. Yes this thought about the wall came to me while i was doing my morning pages and writing out the pain and stuff. it kinda made sense and i wondered why in all my years i hadnt thought of it before lol. xx

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