My first wordshop


Today I start giving my warrior work WORDshops

this has been a culmination of over 20 years as a published writer and over 40 years as a creative person.

i am not sure what it is that i am feeling. it is a mixture of excitement, love and ecstacy and also some fear.

fear is a silly place to create this wordshop from

since i will be trying to show my class the beauty in life

and how we can express it on the page

so i will inhale in all the creativeness of all my blog friends blogs amd remember how brave we were to write our first post and how from that so many wonderful friendships and creatve exchanges have been formed. I never dreamt my first post woudl lead me to this well of wonderment in blog world. who knows where my wordshops will lead me. (ps thanks for all your creativity which inspires me so much)

instead of being scared, i will remember how excited i was to learn to write my first letter, an A, in cursive writing, when i was a child. i will remember how words have been my anchor in this life

and i will remember what a beautiful planet we live on fully supported by earth and sky. and while i am at it i will remember how sweetly the birds are chirping outside my window right now and i will remember an email i received this morning from a dearest friend so far away from me, who always inspires and encourages.

i will think of all my greatly creative friends, the musicians, the writers ,the poets, the dancers, the singers, the artists, who do not express all the beauty inside of them onto the world, and i will do my utmost to help these  people in my class today to not be afraid to express themselves to the world as they really are. because their gifts lie in the unedited version of who they are.

Today five people and I will will begin the journey to become more of who we are and to start seeing our own world as an extraordinary place, and putting that all on the written record. Please send your love to us as we embark on the wordshop journey.

it is with such true and utter joy that i take my leap into the big blue sky to be all i am meant to be, to be the creator and the educator i was born to be.

love you all

my first wordshop, who woulda thought

wooohooooooooo! xxx

thanks for all the ways you have sparked my dreaming days to this reality xx


8 responses to “My first wordshop

  1. Sending you love as you embark on your wordshop journey! 😀
    Oh – that we could all see the world in more detail and appreciate everything around us – there is so much inspiration out there, we just need to look for it!

    Chloe xx

  2. thanks for thelove chloe, am so excited. am seeing the beauty everywhere today. hope you have a wonderful day too x

  3. With such creative energy…it is bound to be rewarding for the participants of the workshop as they learn from the gifts that you bring. Cheers!

    • thank you so much for your inspiration and support. the workshop was phenomenal and the participants so cretaive and alive and definitely i had a sense that there was a room full of creative gods and goddesses popping ideas and beautiful words on to our pages. Pure Magic. Thanks for your support… and your poems x

  4. I’m sure you’ll be an inspiration to your workshop participants. All you have to do is be yourself and freely share your love, experience and passion for writing – the rest will unfold naturally. I wish I could jump on a plane and be a fly on the wall or better yet…one of your students. K

    • Ok K i was certain you were there, i could feel your presence. The workshop was really sacred and special and well it did all unfold quite naturally. thank you so so much for your love and support and your inspiration xx

  5. excited for you!
    lucky participants

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