some of my favourite things ….

sunset in seapoint taken with my phone

A tumultuous busy few weeks, my wordshops are a great success, sacred spaces, so much fun, and discovery, exploring and expressing, working on many projects, and in all the busy-ness i pulled my car over, with my darling friend, on our way home, to savour this moment, above.

the smell of the sea encased me, the view of the sun setting over the ocean entranced me. in a busy month, i was able to stop and remember how precious it is being here.

as the waves idled on the ocean, some crashing, some just lulling there, i thought of a dear friend who died a few weeks ago. her ashes were in the ocean, and as the spray of the sea hit my face i knew that she was there too, laughing and smiling as she always was, egging me on with her positivity ….funny how we sometimes take the preciousness of our journey on earth for granted.

things i feel i was compelled to come here to experience:

The taste explosion of voluptuous red cherries in my mouth

swimming in the salty ocean while dolphins keep me company (aah come on summer)

love and loving


motorbike riding, the wind against my face (ok hitching a ride on a motorbike 🙂

helping other to see the magic



dancing in the rain


my mother’s tabbouleh salad and warm embrace

my dad’s ability to make me laugh (laughter)

writing pens and paper and books and words, i like a lot

smell of the ocean and of fresh-cut lawn

nature, playing with animals and walking amongst and smelling the spring blooms

supporting those i love in times of trouble, and during the celebrations in times of joy

the taste of salty tears and the feeling of a smile breaking on to my face

to see the humanness and also the god in others and allow it to touch me to my core

wow what a gift, being here to experience so much of all of this.

it’s been a crazy few weeks,  but writing this i wouldn’t have changed it for anything, everything is a part of the story, everything is valid, the good and the bad, and everything is an opportunity to get to know myself better and to enhance my experience of this world. what a privilege.

wherever you are, i hope you too can feel the magic of being here and that you are well looked after right now.



4 responses to “some of my favourite things ….

  1. Great post! You inspired me to update my blog. I have been kind of down pat week and your blog pulled me out of it. My response….click it!

    Always look on the bright side of life I am proud of you by the way!!!

  2. Wonderful post…enjoying the small things in life is so critical since some of the major events can seem so depressing at times….loved your list of things.

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