calling all poets..sage advice sought

To all the poets out there

the young and old

the guys and dolls

hey i’m not even adverse to any extraterrestrials

Am busy fine-tuning my wordshop for tomorrow – we’re going to be romancing the ordinary, finding the extraordinary in the mundane and seeing the magical in the most unusual places in our lives….and tomorrow it will all be via poetry and free prose

One of you amazing blogsters told me about cut-out poetry (please remind me who it was) which i think sounds like so much fun

I have quite a few fun techniques using certain objects, like photos and ordinary daily items, to stimulate the brain into a poetic state…

any words of wisdom on poetry from you guys, the real poets, will be welcomed … and much appreciated by myself and my students.

for the most we are just going to explore and express in the shop tomorrow, ya know, just be the word warriors we all really are, woohoo can’t wait 🙂



5 responses to “calling all poets..sage advice sought

  1. ’twas I
    the poet
    cut out
    in form
    of bicycle
    by ET

    If you use the technique in your wordshops I’d live to see the results ! ! !

    • aaah twas you
      near the moon
      on bicycle
      (ok ok i know that makes no sense whatsoever 🙂
      – the group had such fun with it…but for some unknown reason i thought it was with 7 not 14 lines!!! It’s my last day of this particular course today so I will get some photos of what they did, it was quite awesome.
      Thank you SO much for that splendid idea…oh wise one xx

  2. A demi-sonnet ! I’m sure the old bard will not mind !

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