i’m so tired i can’t keep my eyes open but i wanted to tell you about a tree….

I am a secret tree hugger.

i wasn’t going to tell anyone but i just couldn’t keep it to myself any longer.

every time i walk past an old tree i have an urge to sidle up to it and then wrap my arms around it.

i was suggesting to a young friend that he should try hug a tree.

how does it feel to hug a tree? he asked. well, i said, rather flirtatiously (although I think that went right over his head), it feels like when i hug you, very very very amazing. like there is so much energy being exchanged between you and the tree and then it feels like the tree hugs you back.

The truth is, is that it does feel pretty much like that, it could be all the oxygen you get when you get so close to mother nature in her brown and green finest.

Today during a short lunch break  i took to the streets and just couldn’t help myself, as cars streamed past and people busily walked past, i stopped and flung my arms around an old tree. it was quite remarkable how i immediately started to feel better, it was like mainlining on good energy,, as though the stresses of my work were just washing off of me. i am really grateful to the city that it has planted trees all over.

And then people who were walking past started to smile and make jokes. One man even asked if he could go next. it was as though in a busy city my crazy gesture had made others stop and, metaphorically speaking, hug a tree (smell the roses etc).

Of course it helps that in Cape Town you are allowed to be a bit weird, (how  no one saw this as a sbig cream for help from an overstressed woman i have no idea 🙂 instead i think they merely saw it as a shoowaaa moment probably hyped up by lay lines and the mystical effect of the mountain that stares down at us).

I walked on further and came to Company Gardens where i found even more trees to hug and love and who hugged and loved me back. (okay this is beginning to sound weird, but it’s a true story)

here are a glimpse of the trees i got up close and personal with in the Gardens.(weirder and weirder 🙂

bit of a blurry pic of a very old tree who gave me so much love todaya very hugable tree


a very hugable tree


when i went back to the office, the whole energy changed and the rest of the day was do-able.

so next time you think you just cant take anymore instead of going to your doc and getting a script for some pills, hug a tree, it is like one big happy pill to an overstressed body and mind.

i like to think the tree enjoys me hugging it, but it hasnt said yet….

(ps i’ve missed all of you, a BIG hug to you too)xx


12 responses to “i’m so tired i can’t keep my eyes open but i wanted to tell you about a tree….

  1. I’ve really never heard of anyone who ‘really’ hugged a tree..I mean symbolically yes…but really no…so glad to know someone really does it. 😉

    • 🙂 lol charles , thanks for always popping past, hehe i didn’t understand that tree hugger was actually a euphamism for something else, and thought they really did hug trees, but glad i tried it the first time coz now i cant stop 🙂 i hope you are enjoying your vacation

  2. Awsome tree trunks.
    Ha… hugging a tree? You have to be carefull though, watch for ants, caterpillars, spiders etc……
    I look closely and admire them but never really hug them:)

    • dearest lois, on friday i was doing some tree huggling and noticed two sweet snails perched in a crevice and i thought of you, thanks for making me aware of all the life out there 🙂 x

  3. i haven’t tried yet tree hugging
    but if it feels good
    might as well try it.
    can’t miss this free gift!
    glad that you’re back
    and thanks for the tip
    on where to get free hugs!
    hugs to you 🙂

  4. I wonder if you hugged a Christmas tree!
    Happy holidays!

    • dearest bended spoon, you have such a wonderful way of playing with words, i learn so much from you, thanks for stopping by here … i didnt hug a christmas tree 🙂

  5. Beautiful pictures,I love that big twisted old one.Your message is great. You know this is nothing new, when I was a child [40 yrs. ago],I was always hugging,climbing or sitting in a tree.I tell my husband I can feel the life in them.[I’m not into any thing else strange,thought I’d let you know.]

  6. hi cheryl, thanks for coming past, yes there is such a wonderful childlike innocence when one is in nature, i love it, i was always a bit nervy as a kid (i didnt climb trees i dont think), but under a beautiful weeping willow was where so much of life happened for me when i was growing up, it was like it was magical. hope you still have time with trees x x

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