my undeniable writes

I write because….

it’s the best tool i have for expressing myself in the world

 because it helps me to heal

….and to remember and sometimes to forget

I write because i have something to say

and sometimes I write because I get paid to write

often i write because my voice won’t say the words that my hands so easily can

and because it is the place where i feel closest to god,

i write because i can get lost, and, sometimes, i can find myself amongst the words

i write because something inside of me, far bigger than me, won’t let me not write

i write to allow the part of me that must be heard, to be heard

if i couldn’t write….i sometimes feel i couldn’t breathe

Why do you write?


10 responses to “my undeniable writes

  1. For many of the same reasons and to effect change in the world around me.

  2. and i love how you do that, one post at a time x

  3. To evoke emotions especially laughter (particularly my bicycles

  4. also just thought one of the reasons i am busy writing the piece i am writing at home is because i hope that some of the stuff i write about will somehow help someone who may be going through the same stuff……x

  5. ‘if i couldn’t write….i sometimes feel i couldn’t breathe’
    That explains why you’re such a great writer as if the words have life. They’re actually alive or else how could you explain all the emotions jumping from it?

    Primarily I write just to make someone smile or inspire them to think “I can do better than that!” (the way I write) and so they write… 🙂

    I am sharing with you the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂

  6. aah bended spoon i love how you see things 🙂
    and re the award YAY…i have never been awarded anything in my life, that is sooooooooooooo cool. i feel like i want to make an acceptance speech 🙂 thank you so much, tres honoured that it is coming from you and to share it with you xxxx

  7. I’ve often said that writing is the most powerful and expressive medium of all the art forms and in many cases the most difficult art form to communicate with and master. I teach art history and photography and consider myself an artist (whatever that means), however to me… honest “from the gut”RAW – “pure” writing goes to the very core of what it means to be human. Sure..there have been great artists in the past like Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Picasso and Jackson Pollock who were able to tap into (express) the essence of what it means to be human visually and conceptually, but writing is something we can all do that enables us to communicate to one another on multiple levels intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

  8. – I like to write because I can’t do it better in talking/conversation.
    – I do blogging/writing to keep my mind active, the experts say it will slow down the process of dimentia when we are getting older 🙂
    – I also write about gardening and plants as they are my passion. This way I have more chances to learn and to share, and at the same time to make notes on the progress of some plants in the garden.

    Thank you Viv, I am happy you are back:o)

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