wise old owl

Last week I was privileged to take around Cape Town a group of students from Northwest University in Chicago here for 10 weeks to work at local news agencies.

On one of our stops we visited Eagle Encounters in Stellenbosch at the Spier Wine Estate. It is a bird-of-prey rehabilitation, conservation, education and eco-tourism project.

The brochure decsribes it thus: “The centre receives birds that have been injured, poisoned or illegally removed from their nests, and works towards re-releasing healthy, fit, successfully hunting and able-breeding raptors into the wild. A self-funded, non-profit organisation, Eagle Encounters’ core function is the rehabilitation of birds of prey.”

I felt the magic from the moment i entered the area. got close and personal with vultures and falcons and these beutiful owls. Many have been rescued from people and are unable to be rehabilitated for the wilds. so sad 😦

BUT there’s a happy ending, they are so well loved and looked after by those at the sanctuary.

The lil birdy i got to have encounter with was that big-eyed owl pictured above, called, piggy, i know tis not the name i’d have given her 🙂

…it was very special indeed! i was on a HIGH !!!


2 responses to “wise old owl

  1. I have two large owls on my property…they like the pine tree just in front of the house…thanks for the post.

  2. oh wow, how wonderful. i asked the one guy at the sanctuary re owls in the city, as my friend also has one in his garden, and he said cities are a good spot for owls needing to hunt for food. …
    just remembered a book i read at school called I Heard an Owl Call my Name…wow it’s been years since i thought of that book. thanks for stopping by and hope you and your owls are well looked after and having a hoot of a time (sorry couldnt help being corny 🙂

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