Is blogging the new therapy?

Someone mentioned that recently and I must say a part of me agreed in part only because i had an experience this week that really helped processes i was going through.

After an embarassingly over-share (TMI TMI), of all these emotions twirling inside of me , in the blog world this week i felt that i had completely exposed that self of me that only i get to see late at night.

I felt naked, my mask removed, exposed. Not like a brave soldier at all. I felt vulnerable.

and yet i felt so free after blogging about the things that were worrying me.

It was like by exposing the pain to the light that it was healed. that writing about it had freed me from it. writing continues to be such a healer for me.

but what was it about baring my soul on a blog and not just in a journal that helped me? what is it about real-life therapy sessions that help so much….? Ultimately i think it is because the person in perceived pain has someone to listen to them.

that someone had taken the time to actually let them tell their story…and had listened. studying psychology one of the focal things is that of listening. we seldom get a chance to be heard in life, where we are all so busy.

yet here, in blogland, with people i have yet to meet, i found a group who listeed to my dramatic achy heart this week. not only listened but gave me a hand-up …and for that i am so very grateful.

thank you. they say a trouble shared is a trouble halved and it felt like that this week. it took my healing via my tool of writing to a deeper level. i exhaled. i felt better. i thank you


7 responses to “blogology

  1. I’ve often found that writing permits me the luxury of sleep. 😉 Peace be with you.

  2. There is no doubt that writing is incredibly therapeutic whether you are writing in a personal journal or blogging for all to see. The difference is you are taking risks when you “put it out there” and it takes courage to do so. We all have out stories…our pains, heartaches and crosses, but not everyone is willing to take the risk and share them with others. Yes…we are vulnerable when we bare our souls – but maybe the act of sharing the tough times with others acts as a catalyst for someone experiencing similar hardships and is helpful to them that he/she is not alone on this journey through life. Keep writing, blogging, sharing and basically continue being yourself. Exposing our pains to light is freeing and reinforces the reality that we all have our crosses to bear. It’s how we deal with them that makes us who we are.

  3. thanks patrick for your words and wisdom always xx

  4. I think you are right, some to just listen. Not expecting them to ‘fix’ it,simply listen. I loved that saying,I have never heard it before,’they say a trouble shared, is a trouble halved’.That makes sense. Sounds like something my Mom would have said. [I miss her] Thanks for the listen.

  5. And being open to others you allow them to affirm what you know is true about yourself but just afraid to accept. Huggggs 🙂

  6. Alive aLwaYs

    with you 100% on blogology.

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