begin at the beginning

What i despise in you,

lives in me,

what i love about,

you lives in me …

even when i don’t want to see it.

Even when i want to be angry

or self righteous,

i truly cannot

without first turning the light on my own shadow and seeing …

that which i loathe about you,

lives in me ….



i stop pointing at you

and go inwards

to fix it

where it all starts….


7 responses to “begin at the beginning

  1. Being broken is part of the human condition. The first step is to come to grips with that brokenness and then as you say….”go inwards to fix it” We also can’t beat ourselves up because of it – it is just part of being human.

  2. Since it’s mother’s day…I of course thought of how we become like our parents..both the good and bad aspects of them….enjoyed the verse.

    • Thanks. i didnt think of that but it’s so true. I just spent two weeks with my folks (it was supposed to have been 3 days but i got pneumonia 😦 the way they looked after me, aged 81 and 85, i am in awe of these two humans i am privileged to call my parents xX

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  3. You are very blessed to have your parents. Mine are the same age as yours and I so appreciate them and all they do for me. I hope you have recovered from the pneumonia!

  4. being accountable is always remarkable. wonderful write 🙂

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