of men and meows

Lois looked at him, her eyes like a cats, all shiny and crazy

‘you confuse me darling,’ she purred

‘last nyt,’ she ventured forth,

‘you were so disheartened by my zipped-up mouth

and today,

well, my gawd

when I offer it to you unzipped

with droppings of milk

around my razor sharp teeth

you’re so shy, put off, almost coy….

meow is what I say

meow !

meow !

meow !”

and she closed her mouth

and those crazy cat eyes

and went back to sleep

quite sure that

no matter how long she lived

she would never


quite understand



6 responses to “of men and meows

  1. Cats like Men and Women can very very difficult to “read” 🙂 I suppose it is part of the human condition.

  2. …and the feline condition too…meow 🙂

  3. Purrr, purrr, meow, meow……….But I should roarrr and spit fire as I am a dragoness, ha….

    Btw, about my other comment before…. I was not logged in, so you couldn’t open my blog.

    • haha lois yes i like the dragoness A Lot, powerful that she is not like the little kitty cat so worried about the tomcat hehe:) xx

      • OMG, you still cannot click it open, I think I forgot to reply as a WordPress member. See what’s going to happen with this one.

        What is your chinese horescope? I am really a dragon:)

  4. oh lordy i thik i may be a rooster…but a dragon sounds so much more regal!

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