innner children

inner childs and i...watching in awe the world befoe us. pic by hub metrywith special thanks to these lovely australian ballerinas who posed with me, pic by hub metry

You mean to say you really don’t see that unicorn, the magical inner child asked, quite curious at this lack of sight of the inner sad abandoned child.

No she said, all i see is someone’s back turned away from me. I feel very alone.

And the playful child jumped in at that time. I don’t see it but I’m going to try to ride it in any event.

So the inner magical child and the playful one and the sad abandoned one, held hands as they ventured forward.

One scared, one in awe and one delighted.,,,

and if any0ne looked at them from behind, the would have seen something quite unusual and extraordinary

It was a  middle-aged woman before them in fact

her back slightly hunched, quite ordinary looking as most middle-aged women go.

but within her she carried strongly the child archetypes that put a sparkle in her eye, allowed her to see magic when there was none and gave her curiosity and zest for life.

and while most thought her life was quite ordinary, she knew something they didnt…that unicorns fly, when you ask them to, and often do it when you feeling your most sad.

* With thanks to the ozzie kids for reigniting some of my inner child



2 responses to “innner children

  1. Rather enjoyed this post…we lose all too soon that inner child.

    • thanks and too true. my cousin and i had stopped for a hot drink at a hotel en route home and there were these two lovely ballerina girls i’d never met before bouncing around, doing flips and dancin and all in the magic…it reminded me of that inside me too, my cuz captured some our enchantment xx

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