while at the beautician today……

inside of me lives this field

i was there


a mossy green field,

i spied  it

in my mind’s eye

from beyond a grassy green gate

and on the field

all the people

i had ever loved

it started with the dead ones first

and then grew and grew to

family and friends from past and present

you were there too.

inside of me lives this field

and i can go there

anytime i need to,

why don’t you come

and be there with me too…


4 responses to “while at the beautician today……

  1. Hmmm I have a place that bears remarkable similarities and differences in its similarities to your place. It’s grand to see your muse making more frequent postings 🙂

  2. I like how you personify the muse in your poetry because a muse is, indeed like a friend…and sometimes foe. I consider my muse an impalpable feeling leading to an utterly free creative flow. If I feel even a hint of it, I run to my desk and start jotting!

    • sundry thank you. i have been known to sometimes not make it to my desk or a piece of paper in time and have the beautiful muse-inspired thought snatched right out of my head, so very frustrating. i love how you describe your muse…yes yes it feels so like that x

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