Opening up to life

my beautiful friend, brenda, taken on her 40th birthday by her beautiful friend jeff ayliffe

When we close ourselves to the world,

nothing can grow,

it is dark,

the sun is shut out,

no water can enter to

tend to our roots

and our shoots,

but when we turn to

face the world,

fully opened,

even though

we may feel vulnerable,

it is truly only in this state

of courage that

we have the chance to know

what we are fully capable of and

who we truly can be.


3 responses to “Opening up to life

  1. Love the uplifting one of the poem.

  2. thanks so much. and i love getting your poems in my email everyday as i wake up. they get me thinking, sometimes smiling, crying, sometimes changing, but never untouched. so thanks for that too x

  3. Wonderful encouragement! It feels good to grow 🙂

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