silent white scream

men in white suits, waiting for me,

grunting loudly

in echoes on white walls.

a suited woman,  closeby,

with glasses,

hiding any hope of escape

in her pockets,

and all along

I want to shout out,

‘I’m not mad, I’m not mad,’

but the words won’t find creation in sound,

they’re stuck in my mind, caged by drugs

prescribed by them,

forced down by them.

Row upon row of monsters,

in white suits,

they’re coming to get me,

and shut me down,

and they can’t hear me shouting

‘I’m not mad, I’m not mad,’

only silence escapes my mouth as

a burning tear

sears my muted face.

‘i’m not mad’

But they don’t hear me







9 responses to “silent white scream

  1. Very raw emotions conveyed in these lines…a sadness also.

  2. Like a bad dream… but much worse… because it could be someone’s reality…. and, most certainly – is….

    enjoying your blog here so far… glad to have stumbled in. I’ll be back. =)

    • thanks to both of you, i had wondered if the emotions were too raw for the open page, but glad i put them down. samantha so very glad you stumpled upon my blog, especially since that now means i can stumble upon yours…looking forward to it.tks 🙂 and yay glad you will be back

  3. clever rhythm and flow

  4. thanks enreal, and thanks for coming past

  5. a raw and gripping write with great use of imagery….hiding any hope of escape in her pockets…is brilliant

  6. thanks so much claudia, so wonderful to have you here on my blog page

  7. A gripping story, tough to read yet beautifully expressed…Great write.

  8. Very sad and true!

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