oh where oh where can my muse be?

i hate it

yes completely loathe it

when my muse

my very own muse

whom i adore

with all of my heart

evades me…

i mean

i am a wordwarrior

for heaven’s sake

how dare she

leave me


a pauper

short of words

fumbling for

just one letter

on the keyboard

to break this

dry white season

on the endless screen

of nothingness.

worse than any lover

she seduces me

yes, quite like no other

and then

she just ups and offs

just when i feel i am falling



in love with her




nowhere to be found..

leaving me feeling used


second grade

how could she go!?

And you, pray tell me,

yes you, please,

we’ll keep it just between us,

is she perhaps

woo-ing you

or you

or you?

where could she be?

just a few days ago

we were having

such a good time

making love

on the page

in the hot afternoon sun,

then later,

by the rays of the moonlight

word after word

chapter after chapter

only to wake up early

one morning

and find myself

all alone



and my screen,

my poor beautiful screen,

like my heart,

ripped open

to reveal

a blank,



I’ve sat and tried to write

i really have

Even just one sentence

Without her

In the hope that

if I wrote it

And then left

She’d be so enraged

she’d come to find me

And drag me back to the page

like she used to

when we were still lovers

But no,

Not this time,

I thought she’d be livid

If i left

And didn’t even once

command her by name…

If i played that she

never existed

i was sure

she wouldn’t handle my

withdrawal from

her ‘entraptuous’ ways…

but still

she has made no contact…

I fear I will go mad without her

That the white screen

Will become my prison..

Please I beg you


if she is perchance visiting you

or you

or you…

bring her close to you

hold her tight

and then

whisper in her ear

so no one else

but she can hear

these few words:

“Go back to your wordsmith

she misses you



10 responses to “oh where oh where can my muse be?

  1. Fear not…for each time my Muse decides she needs to take an extended break…I begin to write most anything…since she cannot stand my narrow views…she quickly returns so as not to have her good name ruined by a poet such as I.

    • hahaha brilliant, 🙂 thank you, i will sleep easier with this smile on my face and knowing this…that she will return (and hopefully this specific piece will shame her out of her hiding place 🙂 x

  2. Oh where oh where indeed… I too have felt mine go… disconcerting to say the least. sometimes when mine returns I feel a bittersweet melancholia, let her not be bored with me…

    great piece… understood

    • you’ve been gone for so long, i tell her. But she just smiles. I leave it at that, grateful that wherever she has been she is there no longer. She takes my hand and leads my fingers to the keyboard…we are one again..my muse, my keyboard and i, and in the dark quiet night the sound of my fingers on the keyboard is a song that breaks the once aching silence of the night……….may all our muses come out to play with us today, thanks for visiting enreal

  3. “Go back to your wordsmith she misses you so!” She’s on her way back!
    I love your musing 🙂

  4. hehe thanks bendedspoon,so glad to ‘see’ you again xx

  5. This was very amusing… if not muse-inspired…

    Has she shown back up yet? Mine is rather fickle herself.

    • hehe dear samanthamj, she is in her shell and won’t be disturbed as much as i have tried 🙂 but she will be back. yours seems far more around than mine does these days. hugs x

  6. This is a really well executed piece of work, with a lot of themes that ring true in many writer’s lives. However, if I were to make one little criticism it would be that sometimes too many line breaks can spoil the flow, especially of longer poems. That might just be my personal taste though! It really is a fantastic post though.

    • louise thanks so much for your kind comments. and really appreciate some critique as am trying to understand how poetry works so will play around some more with it. so please keep on advising and coming past, really appreciate it xx

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