word vista

i am not a poet

if truth be told, I sometimes write a paragraph

and then chop it up into

three word lines

and somtime just a


it gives me so much joy

to be minimilistic on

a line,

at times i’ve even just used a fullstop

to depict a very real emotion.

i am not sure this is poetry at all

this jagged, rough edginess

on a desolate line-terrain

but oh how it makes me smile

to see the visual art of words spread out











10 responses to “word vista

  1. Love it!!!!! Visual – Powerful and yes…minimal.

  2. The art of poetry sometimes is its minimilistic nature.

  3. This made me smile too..

    very clever! =)

    and, btw… yes.. you are a poet!

  4. Haha! Love it!! Word play is something so few can do! You are a poet! 😀

  5. Really like how you structured this, especially the final part.

    Yiu definitely have a talent for balancing the tools and rules a poet must employ with the depth and richness of well-chosen words.

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