matthew, the brave

to everyone who has been following my posts, my nephew matthew has had his heart transplant. it happened so suddenly, as it always does, so many mixed emotions, but an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to so many. so far so good. it has been a very intense time, will blog more about it in time to come.

thank you for ALL your support over the long journey to this point. please keep him in your prayers, in light and in love as he walks further on the road that has been paved out for him.

my deepest gratutude to the donor’s family, who in their darkest hour, followed the donor’s wishes and donated their loved one’s organs for life-saving use. the donor has managed to help seven people, including my nephew have positive life altering experience. one cannot even begin to explain what i feel right in this moment.

much love from cape town, i will write much more as these have been momentous days and nights, both scary and blessed, and times of great miracles and unbelievable messages.

please keep math in positive thoughts

i hope you too are all well



3 responses to “matthew, the brave

  1. Peace be with you and with yours.

  2. Matthew is in our thoughts and prayers! He is a courageous young man. God speed to him and your family!

  3. thank you to both of you, your ever-presence in this space keeps me ever present over here. x

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