the place where we prayed


I went back today
to the place I last saw you
to where I heard those words
sorry he’s gone
I went back today
because I can’t believe it’s real
I went back today because your grave is so far from me
I stared at the empty space through closed doors
where your mom and I fell to our hands and knees and beseeched every spirit alive dead real unreal to save you
it looked so dark, so empty
I went back to the space today
where they told us
and I fell to the ground
and sobbed

(on grieving day 43)


2 responses to “the place where we prayed

  1. There is great sadness in these lines…that touch my heart deeply.

    • Thank you for being here. I wake up and put on my mask for the day, and hide my pain, because if I showed it I am not sure I could get up and function. To have a space where I can share my experience , where it is heard and it is felt by someone like you is the most comforting and soothing experience. It makes it less scary, and I feel less alone. I Thank you thank you from my heart for always being here, in the good and the bad times , and for always hearing deeply what I am sayingxxx

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