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Love comes in so many guises
I went home this weekend
Got on a plane Sunday morning
It was Father’s Day
I wanted to surprise my parents
Arrived home to find dad ill
Refusing hospitalization
‘I can’t leave my wife’
My mom, softer gentler
That night I sat on the bed with them
They’ve never been a touchy feely couple
62 years married
I looked up and saw this, two hands intertwined
Two people who’ve spent their lives together
Holding on
I love you mom and dad
Hold on


Love, money and studying

shew, studying part time and working is hectic.

why didn’t anyone tell me!!

Today I start the new semester for my diplomo in counselling and facilitation.

Despite the work load, there is a kind of exhiliration I feel having my mind stretched and learning new stuff, in upskilling. It is awesome.

Having to pay for my own fees on a freelancers salary however has its challenges.

It make me really appreciate now how my mom and dad, from a small fruit shop they owneed, over 20 years ago, managed to send me to university the first time round. And how little I appreciated it then. The sacrifice they must have made to ensure that I had the education they never had.

EVery day now, as I scrape together the money for my new studies, I give deep and utter love and praise to my mom and dad for all they have done for me in my life – and the sacrifices they made for me and my siblings. They made it seem so simple. Really. SO easy. It’s only now that I truly understand what they were doing for us.ANd how love doesn’t make a big song and dance of what it does for those it loves.

Thanks mom and dad. It’s taken me many years, and many roads, to understand completely, all you are to me in this life. And that if it is true that we choose our parents before we are even born, then I chose very well indeed.

It’s a misty morning her in Cape Town.

To those of you reading this I hope that there is love all around you whatever you are doing today.

Off to start the new semester!! OMF, still as nerve wrecking 20 plus years later 🙂

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